MDE app (iOS) misbehaving

Yesterday all my data disappeared from the MDE app. Very alarming! Especially after all the hours I’ve put into planning. But the data was there on the MDE website. I deleted and reinstalled the app and the data was back.

Until today, when it’s all gone again. (But it’s there on the website.)

Anyone else experiencing this?

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The app is notoriously glitchy. I tend to use the browser on my phone. I don’t have any current plans so I can’t check if they’ve disappeared right now, but it’s nothing to worry about.


Thanks for the reassurance :slight_smile:


I’ve got the opposite. The website can’t retrieve any of my details at the moment, but it’s all showing up in the app.

It’s a bit scary to log in and see!


My app is acting glitchy too. I am having FPP and ADR disappear. As long as you see it in the browser version I would not worry.

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Is anyone else still having an issue with this app on iOS?

I am running the latest version of the app and OS on an iPhone X and it’s painfully unstable. It will lock up and crash in a matter of minutes nearly everytime. Especially if I’m jumping in and out of the dining reservation section.

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The dining part of the app has been really, really glitchy this last week or so, I believe.

I would try the web browser instead.

The app can be crazy glitchy. Last week when we were there I pulled up our FPPs on the app and I was not on any of them for any of our days. I panicked a little and then had my DD open the app and it showed I really did have all our FPPs. So weird.

I find that reinstalls of the app tend to work for me, I usually reinstall before my trip. But yeah, its been super glitchy lately so the website works a little better.

I had so many issues with it when we were in the parks last week. I couldn’t use it all, but DH didn’t have any problems. It’s so temperamental.

So Disney pushed an update a couple days ago (4.12) for iOS and it’s been rock solid! Not one crash since I updated.

Thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to deal with the instability during our August trip.

I haven’t tried it out (no need), but my Android phone also got an update a couple days ago.

That’s not been my experience, sadly.

I tried to cancel an ADR in the new app. I got an e-mail confirming the cancellation, but the app insisted I still had it. When I tried to cancel it again, the app told me I’d have to call guest services.

The ADR has now gone, but it’s made me nervous about the new MDE.

(In case anyone’s wondering, the ADR was one I forgot to cancel the last time I was making changes. It’s not yet another change to my plans!)

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The status of this app, and the infrequency at which it’s updated, is insane to me. One would think with the depth of pockets Disney has, it’d always be stable and get bug fix updates more than once every couple months.

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ESPECIALLY considering they’ve almost made the use of a smart phone with the MDE app mandatory for enjoying their parks! It isn’t just a convenience.

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