MDE app glitches

My MDE app isn’t showing some of my fpp’s but they are on my plans on the website. We’re 28 days out so hopefully it’ll straighten itself out before our trip. My concern is being able to modify on the app while in the park if they’re still not showing up. Any ideas? Suggestions?

Having same problem, been going to website. I know a lot of people’s phone plans aren’t suitable for this and I try to do it on limited basis.

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I’ve got the same thing. There are some FPP that are missing on my phone app, and then there are some that are missing on the website! We’re 40 days out, so I’m trying not to stress…but still!

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Same. I found that if I uninstall the app and then reinstall it fixes the issue.

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I was just about to uninstall it & decided to refresh it one more & voila! They were all there!

Ahh, thank you for this tip. I reinstalled and now they’re all there. :grinning: