Mde and setting up for fastpass

Mde and FPP question. Obviously too early to set up FPP but noticed when you click to add a FPP in mde it wants you to scan your band. We won't have our mb before we arrive as not in usa. It says to enter a number manually so I put our reservation number. But it then comes up with a message saying this is already linked to a reservation. Which is ours (myp). A little confused? Or will it just not let you proceed any further until you reach your 60days? Just don't want to get to that point and realise something's not right!

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Did you book a package with tickets? Does the resort part of your trip show up in MDE? If so, it looks like everything is already linked. I've never heard of scanning a MB. Only a ticket. Go into My Bands/Tickets and see if you have tickets linked. If all this is there, you shouldn't have a problem with FPP at the 60 day mark.

Hi MDU, yes package and tickets together via the disney site. Reservation and tickets are all showing in there. I'm on the mac now and if i click on fastpass it just has a lock on it and tells me the date I can make them. I was on the ipad earlier, just finding my way around the MDE and noticed the scanner thing - it's not on the mac though, so maybe it's a mobile thing (and maybe it is for tickets, but I assumed it was for MB? It was part of the MDE App. I'll be doing the FPP on the computer anyway so will be easier I think. Thank you.

Great. Glad it's all coming together. Yes, the scanner requires a camera to read the barcode/QR code on the ticket, so it is just a mobile thing. Stick to the computer. The mobile app stinks and should be avoided if you can help it. wink


Quattro4, did you reach 60 days out yet and make your FPP reservations? I was searching for an answer to the identical situation and came across your post. I also want to make sure everything is okay so I don’t have a problem at the 60 day mark.