MDE and FPP system reported being down

Saw this on twitter and elsewhere.

Yikes. Good luck to everyone in the parks today. Stay ahead of the crowds! Bob and weave! Use the Lines app! You can do it!

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Wow. Just wow. :anguished:

Jeez. That’s really going to screw up a lot of people’s days.

Guess that might also be why I’m having such a hard time using MDE on the PC this morning… Sheesh.

Yup. Just tried it on my phone and it just sits there…

Not good at all

What a pain!! I really feel bad for everyone in the parks. MDE can’t locate any of my reservations (resort, linked tickets, dining, memory maker). It says “We didn’t locate a reservation for you.” I definitely felt a bit of panic after seeing that. :worried: Hope it gets fixed soon.

Yeah, here’s what I’m getting when I try to log in from the laptop:

Not even a Frozen overlay can improve this situation.