MDE and family and friends

So I just checked my account on MDE and my family and friends somehow list has four out of seven of us listed twice. (three adults, one kid).

Anyone know how to get rid of these extras. My fastpass window is coming up and I want to make sure we are all ok before then.

I have a feeling I have to call the dreaded Disney IT department and am avoiding the issue as long as possible.

I have a feeling you’re right…

Might be worth waiting a day to see if clears up on it’s own though.

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Yeah, this has to be either a working from home or boss away phone call. Can’t do it with son or boss around.

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Just curious, did you get this resolved? Did you have to call IT? (I’m having a similar issue, even though some of my friends and family traveled 3 years ago and are the same people, somehow they have been added again as “new” people, and I can’t cancel any/either duplicates)

Sorry – just saw this. Yes. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. I called and they took care of it.

Somehow I had two accounts. They deleted one.

Good. I just need to find some time to call them, I have some of my group listed twice, and each one has something on them – like one Suzie has the room ressie, and other Suzie has the fpp resizes, just need to call

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