MDE acting up this morning

anyone able to get FPP this morning? its been 30 minutes and I cant get through :frowning:

I was able to secure 2 passes and then it started to crash on me. Haven’t been able to get back in since.

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Always heard about this situation, first time experiencing it. Its evil, but i’m hoping this is the case for everyone, so the FPP aren’t getting snatched up lol.

Working now. I was able to finish grabbing our FPs.

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It’s fixed now. I had same problem. 2 quick FPP then down for 30 minutes or so then back up working. Good luck

Question - I was able to secure 3 FPs for MK on our first day but only 1 FP for the other parks. Summary below? Do I need to wake up tomorrow morning to secure more FPs for each park. Sorry for my confusion.

1/27 - MK - 3 FPs
1/28 - AK - 1 FP
1/29 - EP - 1 FP
2/1 - HS - 1 FP

That’s weird. If you have park tickets for those days linked to your account you should be able to book 3 FPP for each day. Or are all the single FPP you booked for HS, EP, AK considered Tier 1 FPP? You are limited to only 1 Tier 1 FPP for those parks.

I’m currently on hold with tech support as I’m having difficulty adding a ticket to MDE. Haven’t had other problems with it.

I would call them today and ask whats going on.