MDE accounts - how many does a small group need?

In this FP-less environment, is there any advantage for a group of 4 to have more than 1 person with an MDE account?

We’re a group of 3 adults - all in my Family & Friends List with DD5 - and I’m the only one involved in researching, planning and booking things for this trip.

And once we’re on the ground, we don’t anticipate splitting up except for the occasional rider swap or similar short-term foray.

Given there’s horrors stories out there about Family/Friends setting up MDE accounts and creating near-apocalyptic mayhem, what is the collective wisdom?

If you don’t need additional accounts, I would just share your password with one or two trusted others so you can access plans, apply for a BG, etc. All the benefits of an MDE account without risking the linked account bugs.


One other option is to share your itinerary a different way. Through a file/email or even a small print out. Even though your group trusts you in planning and directing them, it is still good for them to have a plan in hand. This way they won’t be wondering what are we doing next, or where are we eating later, or what time is this happening.

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Most problems with linked accounts happen when people who used to be profiles managed by someone else try and create their own accounts.

It shouldn’t be an issue except that sometimes people end up with two alter egos - the original profile and the new MDE account. Then Disney IT need to get involved to sort it out - which they usually do really easily.

So if the others want their own accounts you could just call IT and get them to set it up - have the email addresses handy.

Whereas when we first went after FP+ etc. I just created accounts for myself, DH and two boys using their email addresses and told them to change their passwords and accept my invitation to link if they wanted to come! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: oh and I warned them not to mess with the FPs or there would be dire consequences!