MDE Accounts for Teens

My MDE account has always been set up where I’m the one everything gets reserved under and my wife and kids are all under my account as people I manage which has worked like a charm for all my previous trips.

Now, two of my kids have iPhones and they’re old enough that they can go off by themselves. I’d like them to be able to use the MDE app so they can see our upcoming dining reservations and perhaps be able to make FP+ reservations at a kiosk for themselves.

Is it possible for…

  • …them to create Disney accounts for themselves?
  • …me to link the “dummy” accounts that I already have set up to their new accounts?
  • …all this to happen without screwing up existing reservations or assigned tickets?
  • …if this all actually works, for them to be able to also add FP+ reservations at a kiosk for their 10-year-old sibling?

I changed my sons details to include his email and invited him from MDE to take control of his account. Doesn’t mean you lose any reservations already made just means they can access it. Well that’s what I learnt so far. We aren’t going until October. Oh and he is 15

Maybe there’s a reason I shouldn’t that I don’t know of…but me and my family all log in under the same MDE account on our own phones.

What I did:

  • I made accounts for my two teens
  • Under my account in MDE where their dummy accounts were already listed, I “invited them to plan and share”
  • They accepted my invitation under their accounts

Everything worked as expected. Their passes were still connected to their names and all ADRs and FP+ were still in place.

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