MDE Account with Teens/Bigs

Looking for any and all advice for older kids, not really kids, but still my kids. (DD19 & DS24)
We plan to just be a single group and do almost everything together when rides, shows, and eating are concerned. Shopping we will probably separate. I’m wondering if I should set up MDE accounts for the Bigs. I have been playing with the mobile order and looking at how all the steps work. This wasn’t used as much during our first trip in 2017.
Will separate accounts mess up on purchasing, mobile orders, or RoR attempts?
Do I link their own CC to purchase items and food or just one card can be used?
What great experiences or hiccups have you experienced?

When traveling with adult children I just gave them my MDE un/pw. I mainly did this for access to photos. I had the photo pass. With younger/teens they were given pin to charge to their magic-bands. Last trip my DS-teen was experiencing a growth spurt and it was easier giving him access and permission to eat freely :joy: …and he did. It worked for us.

You can do it both ways but once you do it one do not change it. My teens have their own pins for their magic bands but it’s all on my card. I do this with my parents too and they just reimburse me later if I let them. They get mad because I don’t tell them how much they spend always. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit. We also do everything together but sometimes shopping on our own. Or a snack. But we stick together as a family like you so it’s just easier if me, the planner, has em all on my account.

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I am a firm believer in people having their own accounts when they’re old enough. That way if they want to go on their own they don’t have to go through the hassle of getting themselves deleted and set up again independently.

As long as you are all linked then you can share things like memory maker ( that’s why we have MM sharing group threads on here).

Honestly by 16 my boys were itching to strike out on their own for some time, even though they’d only stayed onsite once before (and the time before that they were 6&10. Much easier if they have their own account IMO.

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