MDE account for grandparents?

We are planning a trip for Nov 2019 and taking my parents with us - renting points at staying at Boardwalk. My family of 5 will have one studio and my parents are on a separate reservation and staying in another studio. I already have a MDE account from previous trips but wondering if my parents should create an account as well - or if I can just add their reservation info onto my account?
They are both 70+ and not very computer savvy so am thinking a MDE account might be more trouble than it’s worth for them! But I’m also not sure how that would work adding their info onto my account to manage?

I thinks it’s worth it to make then an account that you manage. I made my parents their own account just so I could make multiple ADR’s with conflicting times and decide closer to the trip what to keep. This was especially useful when I was trying to book 12 people for ROL dining package. They are also in their 70’s and not tech savvy. They have never needed to deal with it because I pick their magic bands, do online check-in for them and etc. once you link the accounts you can also pick all the FP’s at once as a group.


I have done this :wink:

Perfect, thanks!!