MCO to Yacht Club to Disney Springs?

Hi! Our flight arrives to MCO at 3:30pm and we are staying at Yacht Club. Would like to have dinner in Disney Springs but was wondering about the best way to get there and the earliest we could reasonably make a reservation. Thanks everyone. I’m so excited to be going back to WDW and to be back on Lines!

Best way to get to DS is to Uber or Lyft…prices are reasonable, very little wait, and they drop you off the closest to your desired DS restaurant. My DD19 & I used both services extensively on our May trip. A big question is whether you plan to wait for your luggage to get to your room because I am assuming you are using ME. If you plan to wait for your luggage before dinner than a later dinner ressie is necessary. If you plan on just going to dinner right after you get to YC and maybe freshening up in your room with whatever you pack in your carryons, then you can make an earlier ressie. You have to calculate a buffer for flight delays, how quickly your family gets through the airport and to ME, whether there’s a wait to board ME, a wait once your boarded ME for more guests, and also in what order is the YC in terms of drop off. If you want to streamline things than taking an Uber or Lyft from the airport can definitely help.

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I would not make a ADR before 6 PM.

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Your question is freaky. We did almost the very same thing last December. As I recall, we arrived 3:00-ish at MCO, took Magic Express to Beach Club, with a 6:00-ish reservation at Art’s Homecomin’. In our case it took almost an hour to board the ME bus due to the unexpected crowd also using ME. We got to BC at 5:00 or so. We planned on simply taking a Disney bus from BC to DS, but ended up getting a cab (~ $15 I think) to DS. Made it to Art’s with 15 or 20 minutes to spare.

joefishing209 has good suggestion … give yourself a little more breathing room with a later reservation.


Thanks guys! We are using ME. ADR day was this morning and I went with with a 7:30 for The Edison. Sounds like Uber or taxi from YC is our best bet and maybe we’ll have time to explore a little first.

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7:30 ressie sounds good.