MCO to UNI then UNI to WDW transportation?

We will be in Orlando in two weeks and I’m wondering what the best way to get from MCO to Universal, staying onsite. Then when we check out, over to WDW.

There are two adults and two kids, ages 4 and 5. So they will need to be at least in a booster.

Mears has a town car for $65 one way but I’m not sure we can all fit with luggage. (They can’t guarantee boosters but they can car seats)

Uber from MCO to Universal w/ car seat is close to $100, one way. I’m assuming over to WDW it will be cheaper.

Any input you have would be great! Thanks

How did you figure the uber pricing? I can’t seem to do it remotely but it could be because I’m in Austin where the City Council just shutdown uber - grrrrr!

I went into the app and changed the locations. Then I was able to get a fair estimate

I went ahead and booked the Mears town car tonight. It’s $65 one way and it can accommodate us, the luggage and the boys with car seats

I’ll either book them for the transfer to WDW or see how much uber is once we are in Orlando

Have you looked into renting a car? I know everyone thinks its weird but I love having the freedom to do more than just parks parks parks while I’m in Orlando. There is a lot to see and do. We hit the Disney Outlets for souvenirs at a third of the price, we eat at a few of the fun non-theme park restaurants… also usually at a third of the price lol, and you can hit the grocery store, or whatever else you might need.

By the time you spend $100 on a limo and then another transfer to WDW the prices will be getting close. We’ve got a convertible booked for 11 days in November and we’re only paying around $24/day. The standard full size or premium models were cheaper than that.

Having said that if you are going to stick with a private rental go with a limo, it’ll be fun for everyone with plenty of room, and will probably run you about $100 plus tip.

We did this last year. We had a rental car for the MCO - Universal 3 days and then returned the car to MCO before taking Magical Express to WDW. I know it sounds like a hassle but I knew we really only needed the car for the 3 days at Universal and my kids enjoy Magical Express and the convenience of not having to drag luggage around to our room was great. We packed a small bag with everything we needed for the first night at Pop and once checked in hit the pool and relaxed. We will do it the same when we go next year.

we used Destination MCO (portafino actually set it up). I always oredered a Sedan - but they always sent a bigger car. However a sedan as big enough for 4. Cost was ~$90 from MCO to universal, $50 to WDW and $80 back to MCO. Highly recommend. Actually at the portafino - they always have cars on site


I checked into the rental car vs transportation. When you factor in the $22 a day parking at universal hotels, it doesn’t make sense to get a car.
I found a great deal on one through Hertz, but the other issue is dropping it back at MCO and taking transportation or MDE back to WDW.
Alamo and National (which are onsite at WDW) are just way too much

I have a Mears town car booked for $65 from MCO to Universal. It will be $47 over to WDW