MCO to Hotel to Disney Springs

Hey! I’m only a few days away from my second trip to WDW (yippee!!). There were SO many things I stressed out about the first time I did WDW solo. This time, I feel totally at ease about my trip, am looking forward to a more relaxed pace this time around, and can’t wait to enjoy it without the jitters I had last time.

There is really just one thing I keep stressing out about. I have never been to Disney Springs and am worried that I haven’t left myself enough time to get to my ADR at Raglan Road on my arrival evening. My reservation is exactly 2 hours and 5 minutes after my plane is scheduled to land at MCO. I will have a checked bag to retrieve (probably) and a rental car to pick up. I am staying off site in the Lake Buena Vista area and was hoping to check in and drop off my luggage before dinner. Supposedly my hotel is a 5-minute drive from Disney Springs…but I have no idea what to expect in terms of parking, crowds (is it busy on Thursday evenings?), and how long it will take me to walk from parking to the restaurant.

I really don’t want to start off my vacation by rushing around and worrying about missing my reservation time. If anything, I would like to arrive in DS with enough time to leisurely make my way to Raglan Road and pop into a shop or two while waiting for my reservation time. Should I skip the hotel and go straight to DS from MCO? Or will 2 hours be plenty of time? (Also, last time my arrival was a bit earlier in the afternoon and I had no issues with traffic, but I’m thinking that might not be the case this time since I will be arriving right around rush hour.) My dinner reservation is already on the late side, so I’d rather not push it later into the evening unless I have to. Thoughts?

Assuming you’re from the US, so don’t have immigration and customs to deal with, I would think you’ll be OK. If you’re running late then make sure you have the number of Raglan Road to hand to phone them and ask to push it back a bit.

Your unknowns are a flight delay and traffic. Otherwise, 30 minutes to collect luggage and pick up car, an hour in bad traffic. Should be OK. Don’t know what lines are like to pick up a car though.

We’ve got on Magical Express at around 5 or 6 before and been at the Disney arch in 40 minutes or so. We’ve also driven through Orlando from Kennedy at rush hour and even if it seems to be slow we usually keep moving.

Study a map so you know which parking area you need to be in.

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I 4 can be a parking lot around rush hour. Hopefully you have a good GPS or app that might help you get around if I 4 backs up.

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So do this.
1 - Have the phone number for the restaurant - that way depending on things you can call directly and change your reservation if necessary - tell them you are running late
2 - Just relax and see how things go - be flexible. If things are all aligning - go to the hotel - get checked in and then get over to DS. If it is tight - get over to DS and relax a bit - your room will be there
3 - Make sure you have CHANGE / SUNPASS. I know this isn’t part of your question - but to reduce stress with a car - make sure you have plenty of change (EXACT CHANGE) for the tolls - so it is one less thing to worry about.

You should be fine with 2 hours - but sometimes things go south (no pun intended). Have your plan, freak not and just make adjustments as needed. I am sure things will be good - but just be flexible to what comes. Remember you are on vacation - NO STRESS!!!

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Just a little comment. Personally I would allow more time but the saving grace is that Raglan Road stays open late for the bar crowd. As stated, if you run late call them and see what they can do for you. If you don’t make it there are other restaurants you shouldn’t have any problem getting into for Dinner. If this happens, eat and go back to Raglan Road for the night life. All is never lost! Have a Magical Vacation! DocHopper

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Thanks, everybody! Those were very helpful tips and suggestions. :relaxed:

I went ahead and pushed my reservation just a bit later to have a little more wiggle room in my schedule. And I’m going to be flexible about whether I check into my hotel before or after dinner. And I will make sure to load up on quarters for the tolls and have my navigation app ready to go. AND… I will go with the flow and not stress. The whole point of this trip is to be stress-free for an entire week and just enjoy myself, so I’m going to do my best to not start things off by freaking out if the traffic is heavy or the line at the car rental counter is long! :relieved:

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