MCO timing

How many hours should we leave between departing WDW and flight time? Using Lyft, no checked bags, and have pre check?

When are you going?

Saturday for a 7pm flight

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If it were me, leave at 5pm. But that is tight for some people.
Its about 30-40 mins drive time. Figure 30 mins to get around the airport and 30 mins for buffer time. Usually boarding starts much earlier than flight time.


I would personally arrive to the airport about 1.5hrs ahead but with no bags and precheck 1hr is probably sufficient

I generally allow 30-45 mins travel time depending on the day of the week/time of day. 30 mins should be fine on a Saturday


2 hrs under those circumstances. 30 minutes to get to MCO and 30 for TSA and travel to gate.