McCormick and shimicks gift cards accepted at all Landry restaurants?

Hi everyone! According to mousesavers you can purchase $100 of McCormick and schmicks gift cards for $80 at Costco and use them at any Landrys restaurant, like RFC, Trex, bubba gumps and Y&Y, can’t find anything on M&S website about this. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks!

Yes, they are actually Landry’s CGs and can be used at any Landry’s restaurant - they just have the M&S logo as a design on the front.

Yes we used them last year at Y&Y.

Thanks! I will get them, I know we will eat at Trex and bubba gumps for sure!

Has anyone used these recently? Do they say Landrays on the back? I would like to use at Y&Y and TREX.