MB problem? Please help

Planning party - Me, DH and DD(15). All have profiles managed in my MDE. I am the only one with an MDE account or MDE on my phone. All have multiple MBs (versions 1 & 2, no +). Also have physical cards for date-specific convention tickets we received by mail. When we booked resort, I listed each by name on the resort reservation and linked their profiles in MDE to resort, physical cards, APRs, and ADRs.

Today I started getting the old MBs out and checking our list. They were all there and active as expected. I went to the Manage MB page on the website and declined new bands for all 3 of us. Now when I go to “My Plans”, it still lists each person by name for resort, ADR, APR, etc. However, when I go to “My Magic Bands” it lists existing profiles as “Me”, “Me1” (instead of “DH”) and “Me2” (instead of “DD(15)”) with the same profile pics, ages, and linked bands as before I declined. Only DD(18) who is not attending this trip remains unchanged and listed as herself on her MBs. So will this be a problem that the name is different even though the linked profile appears to be identical? I’m very confused. Should I contact WDW?

Also, Galaxy’s Edge is the primary reason we are doing this trip. Will DH miss out on anything by only having an MB2 and and card, no MB+?

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If you are managing their profiles, you may see their MBs on your account. You can always contact Disney just to be sure that they are connected to the right person.

And as for Galaxy’s Edge, the only thing you’d be missing by not using a MB+ is a little game on MDE where you walk around looking for “people” by playing some kind of “hide and seek” with the app and the MB. It doesn’t change anything, as far as I’m aware, if you don’t actually play it.

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It’s not the managing that I am most concerned about. It’s the discrepancy between the “name” on the APR and ticket vs the “name” on the MB. For instance MB and ticket card was connected to “Jane”. Jane is listed on the APR and resort room. But since I declined an MB purchase, the MB and ticket cards now say “Mom1” instead of “Jane.”

Oh dear. Yeah, this is definitely a “Call Disney” issue. Everything should be connected to the “person” part. Like Jane should have the APR, the ticket and the MB on her. If it’s all “Mom1” it’s fine, as long as it’s all the same person. It doesn’t really matter who the person is, as long as it’s all the same.

If they’re pointing to different people, that could cause issues.

Call the Help Desk
1 (800) 848-6413


Thought maybe waiting it out would help Disney tech catch up. Looks like it’s correct on the app but not on the desktop. I’ll report back eventually.

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I once spent an hour on the phone with Disney IT (actual IT which blew me away).

Problem was still unresolved when we arrived. We went to Guest Services in the evening at Disney Springs and got the difficulty fixed much more quickly.

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Yes I’m thinking this is an issue best addressed in person at our hotel. If they can’t work it out we’ll have time to head to Guest Services on arrival day.


After a few arrival mornings in a long line at Guest Services we now take the time to visit GS the afternoon or evening we arrive at Disney.

Usually no wait. And CMs aren’t worn from being nice to a LOT of folks.

Or wait until an hour or so after park opening.

Update - Magically by checkin day this has resolved itself.

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