Maybe trying to fit too much in... Direct buses from HS to BB?

We are going to Disney for our first time in early October. We have five days in the parks with hopper and more passes. Originally we made sure to get the water parks pass to realize my son’s dream of swimming in the shark reef at Typhoon lagoon, only to discover that it had closed a year ago. So now as I am planning our trip, I am trying to fit in least one of the water parks but am starting to wonder if it is really doable. My two oldest boys (12 and 10) would undoubtedly love the water parks but the travel time between parks will take a chunk of time that we may not want to spare. My current plan for our third day (a week day and hopefully not too crowded in water park) is to go to HS for RD, use our already booked FP and have lunch at Mamma Melrose’s at 11:40 (part of Fantasmic package) and then head over to BB. I saw on that there is a direct bus. Is this true? If so does this seem doable? We would have to dry off and change at BB to head back over to HS for Fantasmic and then late dinner at Sci-Fi café. Is there a direct bus that runs from BB back to HS? I know in the end we won’t be able to see everything but I have been trying to find a way to do as much as possible without making us all completely wiped out from our adventure. Although we aren’t planning on going home feeling totally rested from this trip! But hopefully amazed and full of great memories!

I’m pretty sure the only way to BB is through AK. You’ll have to take a bus to AK and transfer to HS from there. It will take a long time. I would just get an Uber.

The Laughing Place website has not been updates. You have to go through AK. This may help

ugh! Ok thank you! We are planning on using Disney transportation but now am realizing how truly time consuming it can be. There are 7 people in our group. In that case do we use 2 ubers or is the Minnie Van available so we could fit 6 of us?

Minnie vans are only from deluxe resorts at the moment. It’s possible they will run from parks in October but I’d plan on 2 ubers, I don’t think it’s likely.

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Others have answered your questions about buses, but I wanted to just let you know that we had an easy-going day scheduled the week we were there, and went to BB. I have so say that is was the most satisfying days we had with only two ADRs (one in the morning and one in the evening) with no set schedule. The water park was AWESOME! DH and went around the lazy river twice; and it was sooooo relaxing. If you can schedule a day like that, I highly recommend it.

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So piggyback question: are there buses to BB from the Polynesian? We have breakfast at Ohana, then we want to go directly to Winter Summerland. We have a DVC tour after breakfast so we could probably get them to drop us there but I’d like a backup plan.

Edited - no - you have to go back to AK to get Poly bus.

Edited again - or to AK to get bus from Poly to BB.

The only way to BB is through AK, and the only way back is through AK as well.

Well that’s weird! Why would they make the only way to a water park through only one theme park?

I would assume that over the years in analyzing their metrics they found that it would be more efficient (for them) to have one location nearby act as a sort of depot for one pr two buses to go back and forth rather than dispatch a large number of buses to all the resorts to pick up a fairly small number of riders and/or force riders to ride a long time to share a smaller number of buses among a large group of resorts.

Trust me, take an uber. I didn’t in April and, though we were in no hurry to get anywhere, I was very much over the bus by the time we got where we were going.

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That’s interesting, because when we were there in April there was a dual purpose bus picking up at All Star Music that went to Blizzard Beach and one other place; perhaps it was Animal Kingdom–I’m not sure. I don’t remember any issues getting back from Blizzard Beach to All Star Music, either. Hopped a bus toward the resort. Is that just for the value resorts and not the deluxes?

All stars are the only resorts still offering direct transportation to BB (at least they were when they stopped AKL a few months ago).

Edited to add- maybe CSR too?