Maybe more flights, definitely higher fares: an airline merger

In a move that will surely NOT benefit consumers in terms of pricing, but will probably benefit them in terms of schedules and number of flights, Frontier and Spirit announce plans to merge today


Interesting, we’ve flown Spirit many times from MSP, will have to see how this impacts pricing and flight availability.

ETA: I know people hate on the extreme budget carriers, but paying for everything separately helps keep prices low for people who don’t care about in flight beverages services or other “perks” baked into base fare.

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Yeah this is going to get interesting pricing wise. I hope they keep the exterior Frontier and interior Spirit.

You don’t like the bright yellow planes? :joy:

Nope :rofl:

I do like the flight attendant uniforms though. The Frontier exteriors are just so cute with their little animal call signs.

I usually fly SW. They have some Frontier and Spirit flights from MSY but it seems SW always meets my needs better. I have flown both Frontier (a few times) and Spirit (only once). I will have to see the reviews after this merger. I would never use Spirit again unless I had no choice. I would have used Frontier again if the flights fit my schedule.