May vs September

We were planning a trip to WDW for Sept 4-12 due to low crowd forecasts, but with the recent announcement of the expanded Food and Wine Festival, we’re now second guessing that and thinking about an early to mid May trip. We were REALLY looking forward to low crowds, but we understand that May is going to offer (slightly) cooler weather and less hurricane risk - plus isn’t as far away ;). My fear is that the first days of F&W might be more crowded, so it might make sense to switch - but are the May crowds that much greater that it’s still beneficial to stick to September? I should add that Epcot is our favorite park, especially WS - but we don’t love F&W, so bigger crowds there are a bummer. Any advice?

I love flower and garden! May can be hot but I have always found it to less humid than September. I do not think you can count on September being lower crowds since this will be a different year.

We were at WDW the last week of September this year. It was definitely hot and humid. We went to Epcot on a Monday and it was not bad at all crowd-wise. For most of the week the crowds were low and we had a fantastic trip! With that being said, the most frustrating part of planning was the Halloween parties, which we did not attend. We had to work our MK days around them and the non party day we attended was very busy. I had anticipated this and made a good touring plan. We are planning on trying early May in 2018. I look forward to being able to plan my trip without parties being involved (I hope).

Although I would love to see the F&W, weather alone would make me choose May over September. If I ever do F&W, it will be late Oct or early Nov.

Thanks so much for all of your replies! Looks like May is winning out.

We went the last week of September 2016 and it was HOT! Parks seemed a bit too crowded to me was expected a little lower. I am planning our next trip for May 2017 I have never gone in may so excited to see what it’s like!