May the Fourth- Hop to HS?

DS wants to visit HS on 5/4. I would like to rope drop MK or AK first and then hop to HS early-ish (like 11).

Do we risk not getting in due to park capacity?

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Unlikely. Still, don’t see why one would purposely go on the day at most risk of being more crowded. May the Fourth has zero actual significance to Star Wars (other than the clever play on words). May 25th is more significant!

In either case, I doubt it is more than a blip in terms of adding to crowds.


You’ll have no issues at all getting in, but the waits for SW rides might be higher than usual.

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Yes, I’m not sure it’s a good idea, but DS really wants to go. We will have done most of HS, so it will just be for ambiance and maybe RoTR if we can get an ILL. I love seeing cosplay and I understand the rules for adults may be relaxed this day, so hoping to see some great outfits. Thanks for reassuring me on the ability to get in.


completely off-topic, but our homeschool group’s graduation is that day. I am in charge. I am 100% playing Star Wars music in the room for the 30 mins before the event begins.


When I was in high school, we played the processional from the end of Star Wars A New Hope as the graduation processional every year.


APs have no APR availability for 5/4 at DHS.


Uh oh. No ADRs at Ogas available. Hmm…. If there are no APRs, does that mean it’s sold out?


99% certain Oga’s is sold out.

I think going to HS on 5/4 is a lovely idea! Yes, it will be crowded and busy, but it will be bustling with Star Wars fans in costume, lightsabers on display, etc. Especially cool photo / video opportunities after dark.

You can probably get an ILL no problem – just buy it right away in the morning after getting your Tron BG and first LL, if applicable. (They rarely sell out fast anymore, but don’t delay, just in case.)

MFSR will have a longer than usual line. Using the single rider line could work out in your favor. Or try for a LL, though they may run out faster than usual.

If you want to eat at DB7, do mobile order early in the morning for the time you want to be there.

Sounds like Oga’s is out of the question, but availability could pop up if it’s important to you.

Overall, if you’re more focused on the atmosphere and experience, you’ll have more fun than if you’re trying to get everything done.


May the 4th being on a Saturday is a multi-whammy for HS this year. What’s the CL prediction (I’m between trips and my subscription is not currently active)?


Seems like it’s not factored in.

Last year it was a 6 but it was a Thursday and that was 2 CL points above the other parks. So maybe plan for 8+ this year?

Remember 10/1/2021.

Everyone thought the day was going to be busy busy busy. It was very crowded, but most people were looking for memorobilia, not riding rides. Lines for food were insanely long.


Good point. I think it will “feel” more crowded than the crowd level (based on wait times) would indicate.