May the 4th!

Just wanted to share some Disney joy…we were in Disneyland for May the 4th last year and had planned the same week this year, but yeah…
So I decided to try the Disney Parks Blog churro recipe and make “park food” for dinner while we watched some Star Wars that night!


We were supposed to be at WDW this past week, DS16 and DH had droid and light saber reservations on May the 4th. Everyone was pretty sad we couldn’t be there. Thank you for spreading some Disney magic.:smiley:

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Well I feel silly. We are planning a trip for my birthday next April/May and I have been so focused on that, that I only just now realized we will be there for May the 4th! Yay!


Ahhh I’m so sorry, I’m sure they were looking forward to it. Definitely try to rebook those experiences if you reschedule, my DS11 and DH did lightsaber building in December and it was the coolest thing ever lol. Each participant w/ a reservation can have one additional person accompany them so our family of 4 all got to go in and be there. Both my kids did the droid factory which was super cool too!

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