May 3-6 WWYD based on CL data

Scheduling a girls birthday trip May 2-6. All of us are over 40. We have 3 or 4-day park hoppers and will be visiting every park. Here’s our current schedule:
Friday - RD AK (CL-7), then hop over to EP for eating and drinking around the world
Sat - RD HS (CL-7), lunch @ 50s Prime Time, then hop over to EP. Likely will return to HS for the new fireworks show
Sun- MK, won’t be RD, late morning arrival. Hop over to Trader Sam’s then watch HEA. We want to end our trip at MK.
So Friday the CL is 4 fo HS and 7 for AK, Sat CL is 7 for HS and 8 AK (but has morning EMH). Wondering if it would be better to swich AK and HS mornings? I know hours, etc. will change so maybe it’s a bit too early to make a final decision. Or should I wait and see what FP+ I can get before making a final decision.

DS and I will be there the same time! I’m planning to see how the Fastpasses shake out since we only have a long weekend (picking him up Friday after school and coming home Monday afternoon). Our rough schedule is MK on Saturday to AK in the afternoon and then HS Sunday to EP (doing the FEA dessert party). I also am waiting to see if any park has DAH or EMM any of our days because I will probably jump on those given the limited time we have. Monday will probably be back to MK.

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We’re going to be there May 4-May 9th and I’m checking the site daily to see if they have opened up DAH for May. Hoping to get to do this at least once while we’re there. :slight_smile:

My family will be there May 3-7! Looking at EMH (we are onsite but also want some PPO breakfasts), park hoppers, afternoon breaks, CL, and such, we are currently planning:

May 3 evening at Epcot
May 4 morning at Epcot
evening at DHS (As big Star Wars fans we want to be able to say we were there on May 4th.)
May 5 morning at DHS
evening at MK
May 6 AK, morning and evening
May 7 morning at MK

Are you planning fastpasses for morning or afternoon use? Because if you switch the AK and DHS mornings you might effect your chances of FOP or SDD FPs. So if you care more about FOP, then putting AK later plus getting a potentially lower crowd at DHS might help you. Although, I have seen a lot of reccomendations not to change dates just based on CL. So :woman_shrugging: Not sure that helps too much!