May 21' Trip (with no Kids) - Update!

My wife and I were lucky enough to get our first Covid vaccines, so that has made her feel comfortable in going ahead and planning a Disney trip. We went in Feb 2020 w/ our 2 children. Grandparents are dying to spend time w/ them, so we decided to try and have each set of GP’s watch them for half of the trip.

Our target dates are: 5/21 - 5/28.

I used everything TP for our Feb 2020 trip, but once the trip was over, I feel like I erased everything from my memory. I’m planning for a split stay b/w Contemporary and Riviera (maybe Caribbean Beach to save money). I really like the idea of walking to MK (especially w/ current PH starting at 2PM) and using skyliner.

I’d love to hear about:

-Transportation from hotels to parks (i.e. is MK monorail only going to GF/Cont/TTC?, when will Epcot monorail be working? Is skyliner working?)
-Are ADR’s now 30 days in advance? Is it the same login 7AM process, but just 30 days instead of 180 days?
-Any suggestions of more adult friendly activities that you’ve enjoyed w/o kids? (things you can’t do or wouldn’t want to do on a normal trip)

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Correct on monorail. The Epcot line is not running.

60 days in advance. 6am Eastern online, 7am Eastern on computer.

I’m not sure what all is going, but I’ve heard that Sangria University at Coronado Springs is going on.

Thank you so much lizzieanne for responding. ADR info is great!

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You’re welcome!

The trip is booked!

I just decided to pull the trigger.

Riviera - 5/21 - 5/24
Contemporary - 5/24 - 5/28
Parks Reserved: Epcot / HS / HS / MK / AK / MK (in that order)
*We did buy park hoppers.

Looking forward to sharing information, learning and getting excited with those planning 2021 trips.



We will be there the week before you, May 16-22. It will be our 4th WDW trip during covid.

When we were there in Jan 2021, I was surprised how well the transportation was running. Probably the best in the 8 years we have been going to WDW regularly … but admittedly that was mid-Jan low crowds.

Most of our adult-activities are just not open yet:

  • End of day Spikey Pineapple drink on the Terrace of Trader Sam’s (Spikey Pineapple is a Dole Whip with coconut rum) OMG Good !!
  • Sunset on the Boardwalk for drinks and dinner outside at Big River
  • A Fun night at Jelly Rolls

We do enjoy after park dinner at Three Bridges, open air bar on the lake at Coronado Springs. That is open, reserve on the app as wait time can easily get up to an hour after parks close. A Skyliner bar crawl can be a good evening as well.

For us, we do enjoy adult trips, where we can skip the “juvenile” attractions, and spending a more laid back approach, focusing on our favorites, able to bypass large chunks of the parks, that appeal more for families with kids.

note: skyliner is operating but at park opening (EP and HS) the line can get very long a the hub station. The skyliner is great … any other time of the day.

The Epcot monorail is not operating and open yet.


So, we have decided to invite my brother in law (BIL) and sister in law (SIL) up from Jacksonville from Fri 5/21 - Mon 5/24. They are definitely doing 2 park days (Sat 5/22 and Sun 5/23), trying to talk them into going to park on Mon 5/24.

One important note, my BIL is blind. We are talking with him tonight about which parks to visit. The challenge is to prioritize the parks that he and SIL would enjoy the most while also not completely derailing our split stay setup. We will have park hopper tickets!

Question for you all:

  1. Which 2 parks would you recommend for 38/34 year old Disney newbies?
  2. Are there any parks where you feel my BIL, being blind, would be severely impaired?
  3. I’ve never had to use disability services but how does that work with someone who is blind and how might that work during Covid?

Any other thoughts y’all might have?

Again, staying at Riviera for that part of the trip (5/21 - 5/24), so I was thinking:

  1. Fri 5/21 - arrival, no park tickets, Disney Springs for dinner
  2. Sat 5/22 (originally planned to do TT breakfast then head off to EP) - now thinking bus to MK
  3. Sun 5/23 (originally planned to do HS) - would keep this plan and use skyliner to HS
  4. Mon 5/24 (originally planned on HS again) - now, I think we’d leave it up to them to do AK or EP
  • AK would be better to maximize any park time (opening earlier than EP)
  • EP would be good to allow us to do TT for breakfast and then IFG Festival at EP