May 2022 Trip Is Happening!

My family of 5 is finally getting our Disney fix. Like so many, we have been planning this trip since pre-pandemic. It will be me, DH and our three children, DS 6, DS 14, DD15. My daughter will turn 16 two days before we leave so we want to do something special for her as a surprise. I would love ideas. Also, my husband and I celebrate our 20th anniversary on arrival day. Date night ideas?

We are going for 10 days plus travel, driving from TN. My children are so busy with sports that we can never find time to go anywhere other than a sporting or school event. We got permission from coaches, school and work to miss this time. We are spending 8 days at Disney with park hoppers and 2 days at UOR (staying at RPR so have express pass).

Thank you all for all of the tips and hints. I don’t post much, but because of all of your advice we will be able to do everything our budget will allow. :joy:

I can’t wait to post a trip report. This will probably be our last big family trip to Disney as my oldest two just can’t get away at the same time. Also, they want to travel other places and see the world. We want to make this trip one we will never forget. I’m currently booking dining so if you have some can’t misses I would love those too!

Thanks again for all your help. I’ve been on this site for ten years (is that right?). I started with only the touring plans and then I found this great forum. Your advice has helped me make some of my favorite memories. Since this is our last big trip (most likely) and the first one my 6 year old will probably remember, we know we will make even more special memories.


So excited for you!! Really happy that your DS6 will get to see all of this with you!


Me, my wife and son are going in May as well…64 more days(but who is counting) Celebrating her birthday and his graduation from college - thinking this will be the last big trip together for the 3 of us together. We missed a trip 2 years ago for obvious reasons. I’ll certainly be following this thread for ideas and updates. We don’t have anything outside the ordinary planned so far. Enjoy the magic!


Same here! We are scheduled to go in June and this was a postponed 2020 trip. My DD23 is scheduled to marry next year and DD18 is off to Boston for college. I am thinking this will be our last hoorah also. It makes me sad in some ways but also excited to see all the plans that DH and I can come up with for the future on our own. DL will be our first stop I think. Have fun planning!!


How exciting! We just got back from our first trip since 2018, and it was amazing. Enjoy the planning!


Awesome! It’s our 20th anniversary this year too, in June.


Get any dining reservations?


Yes I did! I got space 220 Lounge, Tusker House pre park opening breakfast, homecoming, Ogas, sci-fi, Jaleo, Artist Point, Le Cellier, Beaches and Cream, Trattoria al Fornia (breakfast), 50s Prime Time.

I may cancel a couple. My hubby hates Prime Time but I thought the kids might like it. I’m also not sure Artist Point is worth the money right now. I’m so excited about Jaleo.

We are having a date night but I don’t have a reservation for that yet or even know where to go. Was thinking if the bar at grand destino tower and watch the fireworks.

The must dos for the teens are space 220 and Sci-Fi.

What do you think?

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I hope you all have the best time. I’m almost finished with my spreadsheet. Then I’m making touring plans. I’ll share when it’s finalized.

Sounds great, we did Tusker house for dinner and felt it was a little overrated for the price and had some interesting food selections that younger kids don’t like. But I’m sure breakfast will be good. We like Beaches & Cream too, same with 50s Prime Time. Le Cellier is awesome, but expensive. The other places you have we have not been to. Our trip is the 19th-26th - all of the reservations for day 1 (even 50s Prime Time) were gone on our first day so we had to settle for Mama Melrose. We got breakfast at Cape May day 2, Sci-Fi day 3, Liberty Tree day 4, Boathouse for my wife’s b-day on day 5, Biergarten day 6 and Be Our Guest day 7. Have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see how everything went.

I love tusker house breakfast because we get in the park when no one is there and it’s so peaceful. The character interaction is wonderful (we went pre-pandemic) and it’s just a fun way to start our day. I think most character meals are a little pricey but we always do a couple and TH is our favorite. I may cancel our Prime Time. I’ll let you know if I do. We have the exact same dates as you!

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Same days, talk about, Its a Small World! I hope all of the crowd calendars shown are correct and we can navigate the parks without too much difficulty. I look forward to seeing your spreadsheet.

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