MaxPass this coming Monday

This is my first time to DL. I heave read that the fastpass/MaxPass will run out on busy days. If we are going to the DL park on this coming Monday, June 11 around 12pm. Do you think we should still purchase the MaxPass? I hate to buy them for the group if they will be out by the time we get there.

Today’s CL is posted as an 8 and tomorrow’ Is supposed to be the same. I just checked FP return times and all the rides still have FP return times, even RSR, which is usually the 1st to run out. Granted the return time for RSR was 9pm, but it was still it was available. The other 2 that tend to run out earlier are space and GotG and those had return times of 5:15 and 5:30. My suggestion is to check on the app to see what the return times look like before entering the parks and see if you think it is worth it. For me it would be, but I know not everyone thinks like me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you for your response. Where do I look to find FP return times?

The Disneyland app. You will need it on your phone anyway if you are going to buy MP. That is how you will purchase/manage MP. Once downloaded, the app will have a map with attractions and wait times. Tap the white box with the wait time 2 times and it should give you more detailed info about the ride, including current FP return times.

Also here is a link to a video that I find very helpful regarding MP. Keep in mind that before entering the park have your tickets (all that you want to have MP) and credit card linked. It will save you time.