Maxpass on a quiet day

Coming end of next week (Thursday / Friday) and the touring plan software is not using the maxpass… Would this just be indicating the park isn’t busy enough to make use of it ?

Debating if to upgrade to it or not!


You should definitely get it. Not that expensive and includes Photopass, or at least it did last year. Can’t answer your TP question, but Maxpass is the bomb!

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I would get MaxPass. I can usually make good use of it even on a low crowd day. Not sure what’s going on with TP - did you select the “Use MaxPass” option? Even if you don’t “need” a MaxPass (by avoiding long lines early in the day, etc), it makes you feel like you’re being more productive each time you use one.

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I keep seeing people say the max pass option on tp isnt the most accurate I am going in June and it only has me using 2 per day. I honestly just took them out altogether and am going to keep a list of mp rides and select based on whats available where we are in the park, and whats likely to run out. In theory this should make it so that we will get more done over our trip than my plan shows.

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This was my plan as well

My apologies for the “post withdrawn.” That was unintentional. I was just trying to edit the post. What I was trying to say is that due to the MANY variables of MP and the resort in general, TP cannot account for all that and as a result the TP tend to very off and appear very limiting on what you will accomplish. That being said, I still love to create Touring Plans, but use it more as a guide rather than a structured step by step plan. I will use the plan for early entry/magic mornings though. It seems to be fairly accurate for that.


This makes sense, I have been vaguely tracking what runs out and when, and while its fairly consistent things like ride down time can have a big impact all over the park.

At Disneyland, moreso than WDW, I rarely follow my TP for very long. I make one and use it as a guide to which rides are expected to have lower waits when, but my plans always go out the window based on when a MaxPass is available. I generally have a plan in the morning like this:

  • Get Matterhorn MaxPass
  • Start in Fantasyland - Peter Pan if line is < 30 min
  • List out the rides I want to ride in order of priority
  • Continue riding FL rides until MaxPass return time comes up
  • Immediately get MaxPass for Splash Mountain when eligible
  • Return to FL until lunch, then head to Critter Country

Then I have a similar rough outline for afternoon. I always have more rides in my wish list than I can accomplish, so invariably I drop a few that I didn’t get to and come back to them later or on another day, or if I’m ok skipping them altogether, so be it.

Later on in a trip - maybe by Day 3, my TP is completely obliterated and I’m just winging it since I’ve already hit everything I want to and we’re just going on repeats. Plus, to really make the most out of MaxPass, you have to be flexible to ride whatever has the soonest return time while weighing in all the factors such as whether you will have an equally alluring opportunity to catch that ride later.

TP is only good for blocking out a specific chunk of time or at most a single day - it can’t factor in rollover of missed rides from the previous day. You kind of have to do that in your head.