Maxpass for multiple guests

At WDW I could manage my whole family’s fastpasses from one account on the app. I loaded all of their tickets into my Disney account and had access to all of them from the app.
Is the Maxpass system at Disneyland similar to this? I know that my whole family can/has to buy the Maxpass. But can I manage all of the tickets from one account on the app? It wouldn’t make sense to buy Maxpasses if every single person had to get onto a separate Disney account.

Yes, you can manage them all from one account. Maxpass is amazing, we love it!

Yeah Maxpass! Of course most of our trip I let my son do the managing (through my account) because I can’t walk and operate a phone at the same time. :slight_smile:

Yes Max Pass is really easy to use on your phone right in the park. We loved it!