MaxPass & Early Morning

Is there any way to get a Touring Plan to recognize that you can grab a Fastpass using MaxPass during Early Morning Magic? It seems silly to wait until 9 to grab one, and I think it may lead to weird optimizations.

The truth of the matter is that with max pass touring plans is not very effective. The system cannot accurately predict the return times. Even prior to max pass, the Disneyland resort touring plans are not as accurate as Disney World. This is in large part due to it being a local park and many factors can change the parks dynamic and crowd level at a moments notice. The lack of data is also a reason it is not as effective. I personally use my touring plans as guides and not strict plans. I tend to follow a little closer early in the morning, however by mid morning we shift and let MaxPass guide us. MaxPass is AMAZING! We love it! On my touring plans in the morning I usually make a note in my dream plan what my first max pass will be. If we are in DCA, I usually pull RSR and IC and do GotG standby. In DLR, we pull MH or SM first. I note my choices in a short break at the beginning of our morning (that is how I choose to address the issue, others may other ways that they handle it).


I’m thinking for our next trip, I may make a TP with just the non FP rides. I’ll keep pulling and using FP as I can, but when I’m not on them, I’d know which rides to be at for which timeframes. Not exact or perfect, but I wonder if that might roughly work…

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Sounds like a very sound strategy to me!

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I just made a plan for a 7am EMH day and it has me pulling an RSR Maxpass very first thing so it seems to recognize it just fine…