Maxpass and WiFi

I would like to take advantage of Maxpass, but am wondering about the park WiFi. My phone carrier is Virgin Mobile, and I don’t currently have a data package. Is the park WiFi decent, or should I maybe upgrade to data while I’m there? If so, does anyone have experience with Virgin Mobile and if it actually works while in the parks? Thanks for the help!

You will definitely need data. Disneyland only has a few areas where the wifi sort of works, but it runs so terribly slow, it is very difficult to use. You will love Maxpass, and it is well worth buying data for your trip to use it. I don’t know about your carrier, I have AT&T which works great. Hopefully someone with your carrier will chime in.


Me!!! I have Virgin Mobile and used it last summer with no problem!
My plan resets on the 5th of the month and we drove cross-country from NY to SoCal. We travelled 6/6 to 6/24. I DID run out of my fast data (I have the unlimited plan from 2014) on our way out of SoCal 6/19 and bought another GB for $5 for our trip home.

I had no dead spots in all of CA. (Utah and Nevada and Wyoming and South Dakota and Arizona and New Mexico were another story. :grimacing:)


ETA the WiFi was spotty and was often kicking itself off when in rides, but it would pick up again randomly.

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The WiFi in Disneyland is very unreliable but will work if you stick to the hot spots (which you can use the app to find & work into your plan to be in/near those areas when you need to use the WiFi).

However, we found that to be a big pain and we come from out of town fairly regularly so we ended up finding an unlimited plan with our carrier to switch to we didn’t have to sit & babysit our data. Also, leaving the phone on WiFi continuously drained battery faster as it would always be looking for the network but it was so spotty it really only worked while we were at or very near those hotspots.

Having data available as a backup would still be smart. We have AT&T. seemed to use wifi most of the time, but it would get hung up from time to time. I did not pay attention to where exactly. I’d then turn off wifi to just use data. Also, having a portable charger will be important to have too. If you get one with at least 10000mah, it should last the whole day most likely. Ours are 16750mah and we share it on multiple devices throughout the day. good luck!

Wondering how well Sprint data works at Disneyland. Will be there this week for first time.