Maxpass and Park Hopper

Has anyone found a great plan for paying for Maxpass for one day with parkhopper tickets? We want to optimize ride photo opportunities and mainly just hit the big rides in both parks. We’ve done almost everything we want to already (near the end of a 5 day ticket) so don’t care if we’re only running between Mountains. The only thing we have left to do is ride GotG at least once after 5pm and Radiator Springs.

All the plans are for one park. I suspect we’ll have to start at DCA to get on to RS at all.

Two adults.

If you are two adults and are ok with Single Rider, single rider works amazingly for Radiator Springs. Otherwise, start with that one for a FastPass.

When we were there we happened into the sequence of starting at DCA, booking a fast pass for GotG as soon as we entered the park as we were walking to Radiator Springs. Rode Radiator Springs standby (single rider would likely be quicker, but the waits were never bad in the morning) - we then usually had time to do something else before our GotG time came up (Luigi’s, Mater’s Tractors, or Turtle Talk). After scanning the FP at GotG we then booked Soarin’ and essentially walked off GotG and headed to Soarin’ and could walk straight into the FP line.

We could generally maintain that sequence of booking another just after scanning and hit the Grizzly Peak rafts, Toy Story Midway Mania and California Screamin’. We would then park hop to DisneyLand and it would vary on if we wanted a break to eat or to jump on something quick. If we wanted a break, we’d book one of the headliners that tended to have a longer wait: Space, Matterhorn or Indy. Most of the rest we were able to book for immediate access. And of course if you book one with a delay, check the time you can next book another and you may be able to stack up a couple to bounce to.

That technique worked great for us in August as we were generally bouncing from one FP directly to another which allowed us to hit all the headliners for the most part…

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