Maximizing Hollywood Studios LL stacking with G+ and ILL

Hi. Headed to Hollywood Studios on 12/9 (crowd level 3/4); staying in a Disney Resort. Will be buying Genie + and buying both ILL (Rise and Mickey) at 7am. Will also single ride Rock N Roll Coaster. Will rope drop at 8:30a. Will also leave park by 5 or 5:30p to head to MK for After Hours. Trying to figure the best LL stacking strategy for maximizing my day. Trying to decide first 7am LL choice between Smugglers or SDD. Current thinking is to make Smuggler’s LL as that will likely have an earlier time window and rope drop SDD. Any thoughts on this?

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My advice is to book with this priority:

SDD > MFSR > ToT > RnRC > AS2 > TSM

You will probably have a couple hours in the morning where you are waiting for your first LL, but that may turn out for your benefit because then you can stack for the afternoon.

I would rope drop either MFSR or ToT + RNRC. Since you’re doing single rider on RnRC, might make sense to choose MFSR.

If the forecast is for rain starting in the afternoon with clear morning, you might want to rope drop SDD instead to guarantee you get to ride it. In that case I’d start with a MFSR LL.

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I have not experienced the G+ & ILL$ impact on park touring, but in the past I used to always knock out ToT and RnR first thing in the morning. This clears Sunset blvd. quite quickly.

If you are going to grab SDD as a LL, then you could knock either TSMM and ASS. Then it should be pretty eaay from that point forward.

Have you put together a Touring plan for DHS for your days yet? I am sure you could exclude the rides you put under G+ and ILL from the touring plan and get through the majority of the park pretty quickly. Especially on a CL 3/4 day.

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Single rider at RnRC is incredibly slow, I’d advise not doing that.

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