Max of 4 people at AKL value studio

Hi everyone,
Friends have asked to join my daughter and I at AKL. We have a value studio villa at Jambo House. I called to add them to the reservation but was told the max number of people is 4. It works out to 2 adults and 3 kids 7,9,10. Does the max people being 4 sound right or should I call and speak with someone else? I’ve never had to worry about it because there are just 2 people in our family. I hate to miss the chance to stay at AKL!
Thanks as always!

Yep, only 4 people max in a studio. You can upgrade to a 1 bedroom, they sleep 5. AKL is wonderful and well worth the bigger room.

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Thank you!

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Are you renting points or do you own DVC?

I was able to book it directly through the Disney website.

Ah just curious on flexibility since you’re usually locked in pretty good when renting points.