Matching family shirts! When does it stop?!

This upcoming trip will be my 8th trip and my sons 4th trip! This time I am bringing my sister along and she has NEVER been. And because of this, I may have gone a little overboard in the matching shirts.

I’ve also searched Poshmark, Mercari and EBay to find my sister and I matching, retired styles! It’s been fun!

But my question is, when does it stop? Does every trip require a new matching shirt?! Do they all need to be Disney themed?

I got these treasures from a cute shop on Etsy! Just a subtle, yet matching touch! The only one I’m making DS9 wear.

I’ll include some some other matching shirts from previous trips!


There is no such thing :wink:


It never ends! I’d wear them as long as everyone else was willing to participate.


We usually wear a new matching shirt every trip. Except for the super big birthday bash. We had plenty of time to sort out sizes but some weren’t sure they could actually be there.

So we came up with a color day. We wore teal to MK. White to HS (storm troopers). Green to AK of course. Pattern, plain, new, right out of the closet, all entirely up to you.

And it worked!

Ex-daughter-in-law bought her 3 granddaughters new exactly matching shirts for each day which brought them plenty of attention on their first WDW trip.


We almost never do matching shirts. We did it once for a MVMCP and once in June 2021 for our first time back post-Covid.

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Just don’t buy a cricut for other crafts because once you have the power to make matching shirts for any activity, you’ll never want to stop.


I love seeing the matching shirts, especially when they’re unique. It never has to stop as long as there are willing participants. I mean, everyone is required to wear A shirt, so why not. :laughing:


I like that idea! Each day is a different color/pattern. I might try to incorporate that with our Feb trip!


I can’t find any of our Photos by the Disney photographers. They looked better than I expected. We look together - like I’d hoped.
Even the two who always insist on wearing black. :thinking:

And those humbugs who didn’t want to spend more money didn’t. :smile:

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One of the reasons to do matching shirts is to create photos that are easy on the eyes. So wearing similar colors can also enbrace this.

We have a photo of the whole family at the Pacific Ocean in 2015 that is wholly horrific bc we are all doing something else clothes-wise.

2014 with six kids:


You can also coordinate without matching exactly. Pick a theme for each day! For example, when we went to Hollywood Studios, we all wore Toy Story shirts, but each shirt was different. I think that also increases the chances that you can continue to wear the same shirts for years.


I agree! I have a Rubbermaid container I put all of our Disney specific clothes in so I can grab from it for each trip! Cannot wait to see what we collect in years to come!


My sister has a Cricut and I requested so many matching shirts for my Disney World AND Disneyland trips next year.


At my wedding in 2019, 19 of us wore matching t-shirts. We took a group picture with Mickey Mouse. It was fantastic.


Apparently you know my wife.


My niece informed me in September that she really wants matching shirts for every day of every trip. The others in the January trip are onboard with at least 2 days.


To be fair, it’s easier to keep track of folks. Where’s [fill in the blank] ? Oh, right - looks at own shirt and then looks around for same shirt.

As long as shirt wearers are awake when putting on their shirts and don’t get similar but wrong one on.

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I’ve never done this but when I see a large family group and they all match I always think that that was smart so they could keep track of people. I mean, I’m a stranger and I can tell who is with whom.

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