MASSIVE Disney irritation

Yay! Here’s hoping for some pixie dust all around!

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Credit for room cancellation has just appeared on my credit card. Which is pretty quick, given that they cancelled the room yesterday.

FPPs all intact so far.

No word from guest relations, i.e. no free stuff. As yet.


Goodness I’ll look forward to sleeping well tonight.

Of course this has nothing to do with your news. Just not working a full 12 and expect to be fast asleep by 0030 EDT


I came to this thread late. Glad it worked out. But I, like you, have my own domain where I have a forwarding email to my ACTUAL email address. So, like you, I can’t actually send emails from that address. I’m taking this as a lesson learned that with Disney, it might be better to use my ACTUAL email address, rather than the alias. (But the alias one is so much easier to give out.)

It IS possible for me to convert my domain into having full-on email capabilities for about $10/month (last I checked). But you have to do it for a year at a time, so I don’t.

I do wonder if it would have been possible to call them up and tell them that you have to update your email address. Not that it matters now. Sounds like all is fine for now.

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It all seems to have worked out in the end, yes.

OK, so there’s been a slightly weird development.

You may remember that I called to change my BC reservation for next year — I was worried about having gone for a standard room, so I changed to garden view.

Well, I checked MDE today to make sure it had updated the reservation. And it now says, “Garden View - Club Level”.


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Just wanted to add, every time I see the title of this post I think of the dreaded EPCrotch. Now that is a MASSIVE Disney irritation…,


Did they upcharge you for the club level?

There was an additional charge to switch to “garden view”, but it was only £20.

Wow. That’s a pickle. I mean, if they made a mistake and are giving you a club level room at the non-club-level price, that’s a deal. If you don’t say anything, however, they might realize the mistake and then charge you the difference later. (You could probably argue away the upcharge, though.)

But if you DO say something, you might lose out on the “free” upgrade.

If it were me, I’d probably contact them and set it straight just to be safe, even if it means only ending up getting the room you intended to get all along! :slight_smile:

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The CM who made the change did say she was having difficulty finding a garden view room. My Disney invoice doesn’t mention club level.

I just checked the Disney Website. From the description, it sounds like the only difference between the room itself (Club versus not) is the addition of the DVD player in the Club room. The other added amenities that getting a Club level room really don’t have to do with the room itself (access to the Health Club, etc). So perhaps she had to place you in a club level room, but you won’t be getting club level service.

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I don’t care about the DVD player as this isn’t the 1990s.

I can live without the services of a concierge, too.

But what’s to stop me going into the lounge and eating the food?

I’ve looked at TP room finder and there are very few single room bedrooms at BC at club level: they’re all in a little cluster at the end of a corridor. I’m assuming it’ll be one of those. They all seem to have good views, so no stress about that any more.

Only 393 days until I find out!

Right. In that case, I won’t worry about it. You’ll probably change resorts three more times by then! :wink:

Sorry. Not change. Refine. Improve. Yada yada yada.



I’d need a very good reason. I chose BC because I want to focus this trip on Epcot and DHS. (My trip this year is focussed on the monorail resorts.) I want to be able to walk everywhere. It’ll be my first trip fully on-property.

I would have preferred YC, but I got the free-dining/gift card deal, and that wasn’t offered at YC.

I wanted either BC or YC for Stormalong Bay, which is why I wasn’t interested in BW. And the Swan and Dolphin are weird-looking and don’t count as Disney resorts in my book.

It costs money to change, unless you change to something more expensive.

So I don’t see me making any changes, other than cancelling the trip altogether.

I’m liking the view from my room, lol.


It is beautiful, actually. Very nice indeed.

BTW, just for the record…we use our DVD (well, Blu-ray, but mostly for DVDs) player a lot. We check DVDs out from the library constantly or check movies out from Redbox. Most of what we care to watch isn’t available to stream even though we have both Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming. We actually used the in-room DVD player a few years ago when the tropical storm hit.

I’m so glad I’m not alone.

I don’t have any useful words regarding hoop jumping, but I can send a bottle of this over.


If you are placed in a CL room you will have access.

All I have to do is keep checking MDE for the next 393 days to make sure it still says “club level”. And then see what happens when I check-in.