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Not trying to start a debate of any kind, just wanting some info… :wink:

I’m considering a spring trip to WDW, but I’d like to build in time for some low-key sightseeing and activities beyond the four parks. Things like local botanic gardens, small shops and cafes in Winter Park, an afternoon just enjoying the hotel pool, etc.

Here’s my question: What is the general level of mask-wearing and masking requirements in the WDW area outside the parks? I’m thinking local shops and restaurants, large chains like Target and Walmart, and the WDW resorts. Is the Kissimmee area in general more relaxed about masking than Disney, or should I expect to be required to mask up everywhere? Are masks required to enter WDW resorts for dining or shopping?

Again, NOT trying to start a debate or discuss opinions here! :sweat_smile: Just trying to gather some info so that I can be prepared as I plan my activities.


Even if it’s not required, you should wear your mask.

It is definitely required on all Disney property (resorts, dining, shopping).


As a local, I can say that mask wearing isn’t consistent. I feel safer on Disney property than at Publix. IF I go out into the community I wear a :mask: mask but I rarely go out do to poor usage and nonexistent enforcement.

Aren’t there orders in effect by the executives of Orange and Osceola counties to be able to fine businesses who are not enforcing mask and social distancing requirements? Are there businesses not enforcing those things, or just individual people not following?

There is no mask mandate in Florida, so you will be at the whims of each establishment as far as whether they will require masks. Technical Orlando has one, but the governor has handcuffed municipalities from enforcing mandates.
Anywhere on Disney property that isn’t inside your hotel room or at the pool will require a mask. When you are seated and eating, obviously you don’t need a mask. But everywhere else you will.

Honestly, these are the situations that worry a lot of people and whether you want debate or not, be prepared to hear it.People gadding about off property without masks, potentially becoming exposed, and then returning to the property possibly infectious and exposing others.


DeSantis has hamstrung municipalities and counties from enforcing any mandate, rendering them useless.

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I thought the DeSantis order was just that individuals couldn’t be fined and that restaurant capacity couldn’t be forced below 50%. I read an article about the counties bypassing that by still being able to fine businesses based on their enforcement, but how it is actually playing out in reality is definitely going to be better answered by a local like @ppehap.

Without the fine, the mandate is just words without any weight.

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Orange County mayor (Orlando area) instituted fines for businesses; they increased w/ repeat offending. It was on the need but nothing more. When I go out it’s hit and miss.

(Partial quote as I’m on my phone) Orange County issues first fines of businesses for violating COVID-19 protocols

Updated: 6:49 AM EST Dec 10, 2020

Two Orange County businesses have been fined for failing to follow COVID-19 protocols.

Universal Hyundai and Hong Fu restaurant and bar are both facing $300 fines, the county said Wednesday.

The article goes on to say they can fight it in court but will then have a higher fine

Outside of Disney Springs, if you’re on Disney property, mask wearing is required. There are lots of PA reminders on wearing masks. I’ve seen CMs remind guests. There are way more areas to wear masks. You may want to bring plenty and change often.

At home, Walmart and Target require masks as do the national fast food chains. My impression is that the requirement is nation wide.

Some small local businesses in my home area do not require masks. If I’m in the parking lot of a place I’ve not been in before, in my home area, I pause a few minutes to see what the mask wearing situation looks like. If there’s no sign on the door asking for masks, I’ll probably not wear one. Most restaurants I’ve been in locally have social distancing with tables, no signs requiring masks and I’m not wearing a mask while I’m eating. Just as an example, our regular branch of our credit union asks that masks not be worn inside.

But in Florida, we all wore our masks. The size of the population in Florida is way different than our home area where it’s quite possible to be the only customer in a business.

Yes, and when you are outside everywhere on Disney property. Masks are required even while running outside: I wore one during all my runs and walks.

While masks are required at Disney Springs they are not enforced if someone walks about w/o while past screening security. Also many, not just me, have noted the crowding there. I will not go there anymore.

Also a local and will agree with ppehap that mask wearing is hit or miss. Masks are required everywhere but there is no real social distancing and it is crowded in central Fl. Stores are crowded, restaurants are overflowing, local parks are crowded. Depending on your comfort level, something to keep in mind.


Oh yes @AltaD. The full parking lots at retail suggest it’s business as usual

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