Mary Poppins


Hello, I was wondering if anybody has seen Mary Poppins in UK in WS lately? When I first started planning our trip, she was in the UK in WS. As I’m finalizing things, the UK is now spotlighting Alice in the UK. I don’t want to pay $10 for another membership to find out if she’s gone or not. :wink: I know she is at 1900 for breakfast but we are doing 1900 for dinner. We are also doing Ohana for breakfast and don’t have time for another TS breakfast. TIA.


They were both there in April but at different spots/times.


Thanks. That is about the timeframe when I started my plans. Hopefully somebody who has been the last month or so can chime in. DD played Jane in a Mary Poppins production this summer so she is eager to meet her.


Kenny says she is still there.


THANK YOU @MickeyMouse1205!! You rock and my dd will be SO happy.


You are welcome :slight_smile: I loved the Mary Poppins meet and greet. It was so much fun.


We saw both about 10 days ago! They were just in two different locations - but both in the UK. Mary Poppins is near the stage. Alice is actually near the sign that tells you meet and greet times!


I love a practically live update. I’ll jot that down so we don’t miss her. Thanks!


Good to get a good review of her M&G, bonus! :slight_smile:


You can find the latest Times Guides (for free) at The Epcot one lists the times for Mary Poppins and Alice, as they alternate with each other.


This is awesome @mkmuzzy! These are the times I had on my spreadsheet. I’m SO happy they are still correct. I’ll check back the week I go. Thanks so much! :blush: