Mary Poppins at Disney World

My DS7 is obsessed with Mary Poppins. I know she has meet and greets at MK and Epcot as well as appears at breakfast at 1700 Park Fair. Are there any other Mary Poppins related attractions/activities anywhere at WDW? Is MP or the movie/songs part of any shows/parades/fireworks etc? What about Bert?


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You’ve identified all of the Mary Poppins sighting locations (1900 Park Fare by the way). I’m not aware of any others. Bert sometimes appears at random but is not, to my knowledge, a character that one can count on finding. Mary is wonderful and gracious. And her line in MK is generally pretty small, I think because her location is a little out of sight - and so out of mind.

I hope your DS enjoys meeting her! Come back and share photos!

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You have named all that I am aware of. If there is anywhere where you can hear musis maybe from Prince Chramings Regal Carrousel

Good luck on finding her.

She meets regularly in the United Kingdom area in Epcot. Check the times guide.

Take note that Mary Poppins is one of the few characters that do NOT have a professional photographer.
Due to Copy right infringement. (Or something like that.)
So bring your own camera.
I think Terk from Tarzan is another one of those characters. Bring your own camera.

Agreed that lines are usually short for MP at MK!

She does in MK. I’m pretty certain that I had a photopass photo done with her in January 2018 at the gazebo

EP she does not, however.


My niece and nephews loved the 1900 Park Fair breakfast with MP.

I just scrolled through my pictures. Mary didn’t have a photographer with her in MK when we met her in 2017 and 2018, but maybe they changed that.

I think that’s it. She’s definitely not in the parade and I don’t think there’s any music in the Fireworks show either. Make sure to wander the shops in the UK pavilion. When I was there in January, they had a section of Mary Poppins merchandise.

Thanks all for the advice. I was hoping there might be something a little more than Meet and Greets, but we’ll take what is offered. I’ll have to think of other ways to infuse more Mary into the trip (clothing etc.)

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Just saw Mary Poppins in MK. No camera, but she has an assistant with her who will take pictures on your camera. We almost missed her because she is so hidden but as we were enjoying our Sleepy Hollow waffles we spotted her M&G spot. She was great to talk to and there was no line at all so we got a little extra time.

Do you know what times she is usually at MK?