Margaritas at San Angel Inn vs. La Hacienda

We are 182 days out and getting ready to make ADRs. Went to La Hacienda with my sister last year and they had great margarita selections. Going with the family in September and was going to “upgrade” to San Angel Inn, but the online menu only shows one margarita selection. Anyone know if they have the same or similar options as La Hacienda? With La Cava del Tequila in that pyramid, would have thought San Angel would have even better margarita options.

I ate there in June and they had several margarita options at the time. I checked the Touring Plans menus, and they had several listed for San Angel Inn. It was last updated Nov. 2015, so unless it’s changed since then, looks like there should be a good selection. I just had the classic margarita, but it was really good. I loved our dining experience at San Angel Inn. The ambiance there is amazing!

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So is San Angel better than la hacienda? Now I’m questioning my reservation, but each of their menus listed online have the exact same items.

Not sure which is better. We ate at La Hacienda last September, but then when we went to ride Gran Fiesta, we saw San Angel and thought it was a pretty cool atmosphere in there, so we plan to try that this time. I’m guessing you can’t go wrong with either.

as long as you have loads and loads of margaritas everything’s fine @clonghurst!!! :wink:

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