Mardi Gras Parade

We are planning on starting the day at US then heading to IOA and back to US for the parade. What would be the easiest route and/or best place to watch the parade?


@darkmite2 is probably the best person to answer this.
He’s not around here much at weekends, but hopefully he’ll see this tag tomorrow… :purple_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart:



Welcome & ask as many questions as you need! There’s a handful of Universal Orlando fans here that love talking about UOR!

To start, here’s your digital Event Guide for Mardi Gras at Universal Orlando Resort!

Here’s the parade map

This parade doesn’t have a “finale” like the Tree Lighting at Christmas. There’s no need to go to any “special” spot to see it.

Personally, I don’t go to the start of the parade. IMHO - That area can be a little busy and the bead throwers are “too nervous” to throw out many beads that early. Even though they have HUGE buckets of them! They think they need to “save” them until the parade is further along

I do have my own “secret” place to view parades. I’m not going to give it away!

You really can’t go wrong most places along the route. I’d avoid the section that goes through Minionland and around Jimmy Fallon. That area is popular normally and it will be all roped off & harder to navigate before/during the parade.

I’m going to recommend you hang out around Transformers / behind the drink & burger food stand. It’s a pretty open area so you can have good odds at catching beads. There are a few benches in that area if you get there a bit early and need one. (or have a family member not interested in the parade)

I’d recommend getting/claiming “your spot” about 20 minutes before the parade starts. No less than 15 minutes. After that you are having to squeeze by people to get near the rope - if possible…