Mardi Gras Crowds

Hi Everyone,

I’m considering planning a trip in February 2016 during Mardi Gras break. I’m from Louisiana so we usually get Mardi Gras Day off. I know crowds can be bad that week if Presidents Day falls during the same week right? I checked the calendar and it looks like Presidents Day is the Monday after Mardi Gras Day. Would that mean that crowds shouldn’t be too bad?

Traditionally February is a low pop month… We did alot of weekend trips this last Jan and Feb and loved it! I think Mardi Gras wouldnt be too much of a crowd increaser. Actually last year we were at WDW on Presidents Day and it was a lovely day all around… didnt notice or remember crowd issues.

Check out the Crowd Calendar For a good explanation of what the numbers mean see - this page also talks about the effects of specific holidays, like Mardi Gras

MK predicted 10 out of 10 for 2015 Mardis Gras. Pres Day will be one day before MG this year so maybe it’ll serve as a good proxy for the unreleased 2016 crowd cal. Bet you’ll head into heavy crowds.

We are from LA too and have been at Mardi gras when it was NOT president’s day week and the crowds weren’t too bad. It was fun to see all the purple and gold and run into people we knew. With RD and touring plans we didn’t have waits more than 10-15 minutes. We walked on several rides with no lines at all. We are debating Mardi Gras 2016 vs the week before memorial day (our school lets out early.). Weather was perfect for us in on our trip but that’s hit or miss. Boys did miss out on Splash bc of refurb though. Week before Memorial Day looks comparable in crowd levels and would give us more time since no hurrying back for school.

Britta, did you go during Mardi Gras this year? We are considering that week in 2017. Just wondering how it was as far as crowds are concerned?

I also like to look at the WDW Prep School calendar for a 2nd opinion on possible crowds.