Marching Down Main Street

Heading to the World in March to watch my son’s high school band march down Main Street. As you can imagine, we are incredibly excited. We have all of our plans together but we are missing one critical piece:

Where is the best place to stand to get the perfect picture as The Boy marches down the street? DW and I plan on being on either side of the street to cover our bases but I have no clue what a band does when they march. I’m guessing they don’t stop along the route and I’m guessing it will be a Frontierland start and Town Square finish.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!

I would consider being in the hub to catch them as they come around it - they should make the 3/4 circuit when transiting the hub from Frontierland to Main Street, passing directly in front of the castle.

This will give you a chance to catch your son as the ranks are “more open” on the outside in order to make that turn.

Do you have any idea where in the parade block he will be?

The other option, especially if he’s marching in the right-most file (as he faces forward) is right at the point where Main Street meets town square - they will make the left there and do a once-around the square.

My DS16’s band marched at MK in November.


My brother is a high school band director and his band does Disney every other year, so I texted him for advice. He replied -

“Halfway between Casey’s corner and the roundabout in front of the castle. That way you get a good shot of the band with the castle behind them.”

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Fantastic. We actually hit the Magic Kingdom a couple of days earlier during our first “adults only” trip. We’ll scout those locations out then!