March or June?

Whoa am I out of the loop. After a cancelled trip last Spring and then again in July, I just sort of stopped paying attention. Now here I am with a possible trip in March.

Have there been any whispers of more things changing or opening?

I’m thinking of pushing to June to try and give the most time for things to happen - especially since it looks like F&G will still be going on in June.

I will have a first timer with me too - she has been to DL but not WDW. Wondering if it will be worth it for her. Fireworks are the big missing thing for me right now.


Sorry about your cancelled trips…i was in the same boat and just switched March 2021 for June 2021. Seems like there might be more things opening by then. Cirque du Soleil has tickets available again in February and March. Seems early for an indoor venue but possibly a good sign for other things opening. It’s nice to have something to plan. .

This is a hard one. Disney has gradually been changing things, but usually without a lot of notice. So what might be or might not be happening in March versus June is very hard to predict. If it were me, I would probably stick with March due to the weather.

Now if you are planning a trip that is on site, you could book both dates, and if as you approach things change, you can always cancel one or the other.

As far as what may or may not be back, there are risks to either decision. If you stick with March, things could open up more by June. If you decide on June, there might not be anything different as compared to March, except hotter weather. So if it comes to choosing one, just own it and don’t fret about it! :slight_smile:


I’d say June, as odds seem decent of getting vaccinated by then.

We have a spring break trip (late March/early April) currently planned as the 3rd reschedule of last spring break, but are waffling pretty hard on whether to go if we’re unvaccinated by then (since we aren’t high risk, doesn’t seem like we’ll be fully vaccinated by then, even one dose feels like a stretch).

My thoughts are similar to @ryan1


  • March sees average highs 78-84 degrees, 4 inches of rain for the month
  • June sees average highs 90-94 degrees, 8 inches of rain for the month

Crowds could be significantly higher in June than March, especially considering people’s comfort level increasing as more people get vaccinated.

In June, there may not be much more things started back up yet like fireworks. So, you could still be disappointed. Waiting for any news on these special shows etc. may be worthwhile, unless you need to book well in advance.

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If crowd levels are important to you check out your particular week in March as that is spring break time so can be crowded.

We are debating the same exact thing! Cancelled two trips last year and have two booked for 2021, one in March and one in June, and can’t decide which one to cancel. We’re leaning toward going in March, mainly because of weather and because it is our 20th wedding anniversary during that trip. However I waffle a little because the fireworks are my favorite thing and I think there’s a chance they could be back by June. I do think crowds will increase as more things start to come back, so that might actually be an advantage of going in March. If mask wearing affects your decision, I think those will still be around in March and June. But who knows! If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that you never know what’s going to happen!




I think June is your better option. More vaccines will have been distributed making it a little safer, and I do think they will continue to gradually open more things. June doesn’t feel far away in these crazy times; March on the other hand feels too close for comfort.

I’d go as far out as you can, personally.

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That was 2020. 2021 will be known for everything being perfectly predictable and ordinary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


late March/ early April is already in the books for us. The weather will be a lot more tolerable. There might be more things offered by June, but who really knows. Like someone said earlier you could book both and see how it plays out.

Thank you all for the feedback. Right now I have a fully refundable AirBnB for last week of March. Might just look at one for June also.

We’re NC people so I’m not too worried about the heat. I definitely need to look at crowds in late March with SB vs mid June.

We’re teachers so our options for travel dates is a bit limited, but who knows maybe I’ll just wait it out altogether.

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