March ADR planning question

I could use some guidance on prioritizing my ADR list as my 60 day window is approaching.

ADRs for dinner -
Be Our Guest
Yak & Yetis
Tutto Italia
Olga Cantina (for cocktails)
Brown Derby
Trail’s End

My question is in what order should I approach this? Thanks, and I appreciate any guidance available.

I would switch HDD and BOG and then Oga’s and Tutto Italia for priorities.

I don’t have anything to add, but I hope you have a great trip! We will be there about the same time, but I am going with the DS who doesn’t eat much, so I see a lot of quick service and lounge dinners in our future!

Thank you! I’ll make those adjustments.

Last time I tried Oga it was impossible to get but it’s been over a year. Is YY now more difficult than Oga? I thought BOG/Oga/YY and the others shouldn’t be too difficult.

Y&Y has been extremely difficult to get the last year. My guess is bc they reserve a high portion of their seating for Landry card members so there’s judt fewer reservations to be had.

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