March 8 Big Crowds

Curious as to why March 8 is a 10 crowd. Mardi Gras school close is the week before and spring breaks haven’t start. Anyone know what is bringing crowds for that day?

No clue, but counting colleges, “Spring Break” basically rolls from mid-late Feb through Easter/Passover

March is still considered “Spring Break” month. Another reason could be because Flower & Garden starts that month.

That is odd for that particular day, especially because it’s a Tuesday and the days around it are not 10. I wouldn’t think much of it at this point, maybe a data glitch. That will most likely change to a 7 or 8 as the time gets closer.


This was my question as well. I’ve never been to WDW during '10’s" Think the numbers will go down?


I think I read that TP will not have a crowd calendar update until February.

I’m sticking to my previous 7-8 range, but just a guess!

Here were the levels from the last “normal” year:

Thanks! I will just my eyes open for any updates.

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