March 21st 2020 Virgin Atlantic

Anyone else flying March 21st from Gatwick with Virgin? Looking for some travel buddies I can talk to (its good to talk hey?) I am mega stressed with all this uncertainty. Anyone know any ‘inside’ information? We’ve spent so much money on this trip and will be so devastated if its is cancelled. What is everyone doing who are booked to go soon- go? stay? I think you’re just as likely to get it anywhere in the country and our family is young and healthy, feel like you can’t stop living a life. ( apologies if anyone feels different)

Have you made any changes @emmacarne?
So sorry you got hit with this.

Yup. lost £1770 on flights but if Trump bans UK. Hopefully get it back

Well, I hope you get banned soon!

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Haha. thanks, I guess :smile:

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Have you booked everything through Virgin? Their website was stating you can change dates if you’re due to travel between now and end June (I think) but I don’t know if that will help if you’ve only booked flights with them and booked everything else independently? Hope you get something sorted.

I think we will be banned from travelling there within days. Hope you get your money back!

Thank you:-)

We did book through virgin, however we are unable to travel again this year and point blank to change it to next year. We’ll see how it all pans out.

I feel for you. We’re not due to travel til August but have already had to go through rebooking as we originally booked with Thomas Cook then they went bust. I’m beginning to think we’re not meant to go!
Hope it works out for you.

You too. I cant believe all that stress with Thomas Cook. Hope you had it all back and you’re able to go in August. I’m sure it’ll all be sorted by then. We’ve also got a cruise booked for Nov Spain, Italy and France…we’ll see how that pans out…

Have you heard you’ve now been banned???
Good luck getting whatever you need!!

Yea, I was watching it live and jumped up to my husband! Just hope the prices don’t jump up extor when we come to rebook for next year… Thank you!

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