March 2020 or 2021?

My DD10 made my day yesterday by asking about going back to WDW March 2020. (I had sadly thought we were done for a while to see the rest of the world). Just wondering if crowds might be less in 2021 further away from SWGE opening. Any thoughts? Probably a 4 night midweek trip, renting from David’s if possible and doing DAH and water parks.

March 2020 obviously. Because it’s closer and who wants to wait until 2021?


Those are my thoughts exactly!!! I think the way we travel crowds won’t matter.

If your kids are asking to go (and you can afford it), go. They’ll be years when they are “too cool” to want to go to WDW. Also, you never know what the future brings.

Also my way of thinking! Thank you! My extended family is incredulous that we might go again so soon but we have such fun there and I’m pretty lucky to have made it through last year.

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Because your daughter might be “too cool” soon, I would recommend going ASAP… that said, 2021 is the 50th anniversary year and they are going to have some interesting new things.

My gut says the 50th is a bigger crowd draw than SWGE, but that’s mostly because it was a flop in WDL.

If you can go March 2020, then I think you should, for same reasons mentioned above.

Kids become “too cool” for Disney???

Only for a little while. Then they realize the error of their ways, probably even before they realize their parents might be actually smart. :wink:



Thanks so much! I didn’t even think of the 50th! I contacted David’s rental and MVT today so fingers crossed!!! Thanks everyone😍