March 2018 liners facebook group?


Is there a facebook group for March 2018 liners?


I'd be interested in this as we are March 2018 Disney bound!!!


I did a quick search and don't see any!! Maybe someone will step up and create one.


I searched this week for a March Liners 2018 group and cant find anything…
Has anyone had any luck? I can set one up if there hasn’t been one.


There is no March Liners group! I created the February group & there are a few, including myself, that will also be there in March. If you make a March group I will promote the March group for you or you can join February 2018 Liners and promote it yourself. Let me know, I’ll check back later.


I’ll search for the Feb group and join in there and look for all us March Liners and then get a group started for March. I’ll post a March Group post here too once I get one up and running :slight_smile:


Accepted!! Yay…