Marathon Weekend - WWYD (Help Me Pick a Hotel!)

Signed up for my first marathon today (insert all the emojis)!! Kinda fun how it’s coming full circle…DH and I ran our first half marathons in 2010 at WDW, and now I’m doing my first full 10 years later…:partying_face:

Anyway, DH and I have decided that since it’s my first marathon, we’re upgrading the hotel stay. I’ve found some decent deals on UndercoverTourist, and now I’d like your help.

We’ve stayed at the Poly (pre-DVC, so a while ago) and WL (around 2013). Typically do Pop or a moderate (LOVED POFQ in July).

Based on the fact that I’ll likely just hobble around post-race with a drink in my hand (or sit my butt on a barstool or pool chair), WWYD?

Poly DVC
WL Villas 1BDR
AKL Jambo Savanna
Beach Club

All are about the same price for our dates, give or take a couple hundred dollars. I am leaning towards Poly DVC bc of Trader Sam’s, the monorail to Epcot and general vibe. I think AKL Savanna would be amazing, but so far away from other bars/restaurants.

Thanks for your opinions!


I would do Beach Club to be able to walk back to room after race and for proximity to the food and beverage options in Epcot.
Poly 2nd, for reasons you’ve stated.
I love love love AKL but I’d go with the other tow for this trip.

I agree. Beach Club would be so convenient for your stay!

Ended up choosing the Polynesian Villas (free bungalow upgrade maybe…?? HA! :crazy_face:) When it came down to figuring out how many times DH and DS5 could possibly watch me on the course, the two bathrooms (figuring a seat in the shower might be a good idea post-race, and having a bathtub option), and the monorail transportation to both MK and EP, this made the most sense to us. Also - Trader Sam’s. :dumpling::tropical_drink:

Hope I can remember to let you know how this works out. 3 miles today for training!

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