Marathon Weekend 2019!

It’s less than 2 weeks until some of us head down for WDW’s annual Marathon weekend!

Thought I’d put together a place for all of the runners and spectators to (virtually) gather before we head down, and maybe plan a liner meet or two!

With that said… I know there are people out there running, and people spectating, too!

Please post which race you’re doing… I’ll try to keep the lead post updated. I’ll go first!

@MouseGirl42: Dopey Challenge (5k, 10k, half, full)
@drtyblnd0205 +2: Half
@drtyblnd0205’s friend’s DH: Full
@J.ClaytonIII +1: Dopey Challenge
@DumboRunner: Dopey Challenge

Who else?? :smiley:


Nope they aren’t on here! It’s my husband, me, and a friend running the half. My friend’s husband is running the full :slight_smile:

Dopey Challenge with my friend. I have Corral C but will move back to D. We have Race Retreat as well.
My DW was supposed to do 1/2 but recently fractured her ankle so will not be a spectator if she decides to join me on the trip at all.
I have 1 friend doing the 10k (we will probably drop back to his corral) and 9 of us for the 5k.

Good morning! I am coming to this thread hoping that some runners will be willing to become a Fairy Godmother to liner families. I know the spread sheet is a little out of order, but it looks like there are 4 families in need of a Godmother. Please help if you can!


I’m game. Is the basic idea to sign up/offer in the purple section and then the requesting adventurers email with the snailmail address? I’m at the airport now heading down for the Marathon week, so should be able to send for at least one of the entries.

The liner looking for a postcard should have an email ( or try PM). They will give you the address. Thank you!

I see — got it!

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@drtyblnd0205, @J.ClaytonIII, @DumboRunner,
I am planning to be at or near the flag for I-M this morning until about 4:30. (Because “L” for Liners). I’m am In a purple tank and a mermaid-scale skirt. Hope you might have a chance to meet up!

so sorry to have missed this, and you!!! this morning.

I was super late in posting today. Try again tomorrow, same place, same time? (Different running gear)

sure!!! also, which corral are you in? i’m in D. I ran 2:24 the morning so think I will aim at 5:00 tomorrow if my own nagging injury issues don’t slay and slow me.

I’m in C, and ran about a 2:30. Tomorrow is anyone’s guess, for me. My training this season has been a $#!tshow, when it’s happened at all.

well, we just got a RunDisney weather alert of high temps and humidity so now we have the perfect excuse!


Getting the info out earlier for tomorrow: planning to be in the reunion area from about 4-4:30 tomorrow, for a meetup if anyone is around. Flag I-M, because L is for Liners

Cc: @drtyblnd0205 @J.ClaytonIII @DumboRunner and anyone else around

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i will aim to be there between 4 and 4:15 am. i will be in a black running skirt, probably a white turtle shell thro away jacket, and a castaway cay 5k running hat. blue asics shoes, probably white calf compression sleeves (to cope with cramp potential given the forecast, not cold!). i dont carry my phone when i run so wont be able to communicate if i’m delayed, so if i’m not there by 4:15, dont wait around for me!

I’ll be in one of my skirts and… I haven’t decided. Will post a pic here once I do. Probably before I head to bed… no promises. Hopefully you’ll recognize me from my already posted picture and location, lol.

flat me for tomorrow’s race

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gorgeous!!! but i’m not gonna make it to the meet up. DH is flying down today and we had a travel hiccup. i just spent 30 min on the phone with the airline trying to fix it. racing to get ready now so won’t be there in time. have a great race!!!

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Ugh, sorry to hear that you had so much trouble with the airlines… that stinks.

Hope you can get your “game face” on and have a good race!