Marathon spectators in MK - how does it work?

I realized yesterday that DW could fly to MCO for free (SW points), and when I told her that the only incremental cost to her joining me for marathon weekend would be food and park tickets, she didn’t reject the idea immediately (which I expected her to). So, now my mental wheels are turning…

If she were to come, how does it work for her to be on main street to cheer for me? If the marathon is similar to previous years, I expect to be running down main street around 630ish. Maybe earlier. We’ll be at Pop, so I don’t know how she would get to MK, other than Uber to CR? And how does she get into MK? Pay for the “cheer package”?

Right now, the RunDisney site just says they are continuing to evaluate spectator options, but I can’t imagine the spectator options being cut due to COVID unless we get another crazy spike in Nov/Dec.


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I’m assuming that they don’t round up the spectators and push them out before park opening, so I’m guessing she will at least need to have a valid ticket and park reservation for MK that day.

I have just asked a friend about this.
I guess I could also ask my sister but I think my BIL and my DNiece met her later in the race than that.

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Yeah worst case, DW can cheer for me at AK, HS, or Boardwalk area, depending on what she would want to do that morning. She shouldn’t have a problem using Disney transportation to get to those places in time to see me.

But Main Street during the marathon is magical!

I was just looking at a map from 2020. I’m starting to work on my visualization and realized that next weekend when I do 17 I’ll finish right about EE :slight_smile: I’m plotting the different locations in my brain, assuming the map doesn’t change a whole lot.


I hope they keep Blizzard Beach instead of WWoS. I didn’t have the pleasure of running around the soccer fields and baseball stadium in 2020, but I know everyone LOVED doing that in the past! :crazy_face:

Didn’t they used to sell spectator packages for Main Street cheer section? It may not be as simple as having a MK ticket for that day. I believe you will need to pay for Main Street and finish line bleachers.

Can’t imagine they would change that now, especially with not being sure about their Covid requirements for runners at this point. Wine and Dine should provide some clarity.


OK my friend tells me this:

“The park is open, I think it begins at 5am to anyone. All spectators are allowed to enter. Unless you have a cheer package you are held at the top of main street. Your package people can go a little farther but that’s as far as anyone can go. The plan was my family was going to walk from the Contemporary. That plan did not work as they do not allow foot traffic. The monorails are running.”

I have just asked about buses from other resorts. Please hold…

She says:
"The way they want you to approach MK is to park at Epcot and take the monorail to the TTC and then onward to MK. "

So she could just ride the bus with you to the start and take the monorail from there it sounds like?

I don’t think waking up at 2:30 will sound appealing to her, lol! I bet the buses continue to run to the start area up until the race begins though. So maybe catch the bus to Epcot around 530, then monorail to MK.

Thanks for the info!

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Yeah that will be the hiccup - whether the buses will continue to run or if there will be a lull.

She could maybe uber to Contemporary or other resort loop resort though and then monorail as described

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We are less than 30 days from my race and they still haven’t posted spectator info for Wine and Dine. I was able to buy the post-race party ticket for my mom, but that’s it.
I know the courses are totally different, but I will share it when I get it…and maybe that will shed some light on the future.